created with Andrew Scalisi

Excavated for the train. Covered for the carriage. Widened for the automobile. Over its history, Park Avenue has been retooled for transportation’s maturation. So too its median, originally built to accommodate the pedestrian was later thinned to make way for the automobile. The next phase, the move to the autonomous vehicle, will similarly require Park Avenue to undergo another realignment. The new demands set on the avenue will require significantly less right of way for traveling automobiles, as computerized driving will move more passengers in a fraction of the space.

Position Park Avenue’s median to accommodate transportation’s future. Redirect autonomous traffic within the median and commit the remainder to serve public life. At almost 20 feet, the median of Park Avenue is primed to carry two lanes of autonomous traffic. The car service of the future will also require ample drop off/ pick up area which will be supported by two additional lanes that will blend in and out of the landscape. The remaining space is sculpted to dynamically accommodate travel, leisure, business, and tourist life through a landscaped enfilade.