Boat Storage Facility

Awarded 1st Prize in the Inner Harbor Awards
a prize given annually for an exemplary project by UW-Milwaukee faculty and representatives from the City.

created with John Scheduler + Laura Trainor

Constructed along an operational slip within Milwaukee’s industrial harbor, the boat storage and office facility is made to accommodate the needs of Milwaukee County, the local police department, and university researchers.

In a growing area with a drought of public amenities, the intent was to create a space on which even the most timid citizens would be willing to engage with the industrial face of their city. Lifting and reshaping the ground plane along a series of facets allows citizens to freely experience the facility’s roof by following a linear path. Stored ships are prominently displayed across the building’s west façade.

The transparent tower serves the dual purpose of viewing area and transmission antenna. Hung from the ipe roof plane, fiber cables are arranged on each facade according to solar loads and visibility needs.