FIE/D Women’s Center

NOMI Women’s Shelter and Training Center Design Competition
Honorable Mention

Location: Bihar, India

created with Grace Yu + Dimitris Venizelos

FIE/D celebrates the restitching of the women’s lives into society, while being itself conceptualized as a weaved artifact. By weaving the interior and exterior spaces, the building embraces nature both for its bioclimatic benefits as well as its capacity for healing. Conceived on a 10x10 modular unit, FIE/D is designed for ease of construction, programmatic flexibility and potential for expansion to accommodate NOMI’s future ambitions. The project utilizes locally sourced materials that can be assembled on site with low tech methods, while achieving an intricate and elegant form. The woven bamboo structures reinterpret traditional construction techniques and respond to the availability of materials. The linear form and orientation of the buildings capitalize on the climate in Bihar through natural methods of air ventilation, solar illumination and water conservation.