ACT III. Ragdale Ring Competition Entry

created with Brett Dong Ha Lee and Allison Wills

Designed for the Ragdale Foundation’s summer theater series, ACT III broadens the role of a theater - as machine for its own creation.
The construction of ACT III begins with the shaping, treating, and assembly of 25 frames of varied sizes. These large-scale looms will be strung with P.E.T warp and utilized to create seating surfaces or “nests”. The resulting ground cover will vary according to size, color, and weave pattern; but distinctly bear the identification the stage frame from which it was created.

As the Nests take their place in the landscape, the vertical warp is replaced on the looms. The frames are positioned across the site to direct user’s movement and congregation, but their interaction with one another and environment is the key to its role. Light shining on the warp shimmers and cuts distinct shadows while objects moving beyond the frames are animated by the moire effect. The playful screens sway the spectators’ view of the actors, each other, and their environment.

At the closing of Ragdale’s final performance for the season, the tightly woven Nests will be cut, divided and given to Ragdale visitors for secondary uses. The frames will be assigned the new task as large scale canvas stretchers for use by foundation's artists.